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Full name: Margaret "Molly" Ann-Marie Hooper
Born: 1979 


Father: Stephen William Hooper (deceased) 
Mother: Ann-Marie Josephine Hooper
God-daughter: Rosamund Mary Watson

Hometown: Waterlooville, England

Current Location: London, England
Profession: Forensic Pathologist at St. Bartholomew's Hospital

Molly grew up an only child in a small town outside Portsmouth, England. Her father was an electrician but was extremely smart in spite of his blue-collar job and lack of college education. Molly was the apple of his eye and he was incredibly proud of her. Molly got much of her kindness from him. He was diagnosed with cancer when Molly was finishing up medical school and he passed away when she was 25. Molly's mum is a retired high school english teacher and poet who had some of her work published but never received the attention as a writer that she always hoped for (and expected). Molly refers to her mother as a narcissist who cares for herself above all. She expected Molly would be just like her and when her only daughter became more interested in maths and science than english, her mother was extremely disappointed. Once Molly got into medical school, her mother was pleased with her again and would often brag to her friends about her daughter the doctor. However, when Molly chose to go into pathology, her mother was once again disappointed in her daughter and would use any excuse to put down her life choices - moving to London, going into pathology, not being married or have children yet. Needless to say, their relationship is strained and Molly doesn't see or speak to her very often.

As a child Molly took dance lessons and rode horses. 

She has extended family in England, Scotland, and America.


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Molly Hooper

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