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Name:Molly Hooper

Margaret "Molly" Ann-Marie Hooper is a supporting character on the BBC show Sherlock. She was originally brought in for only one episode, but has appeared throughout the three series, sometimes playing an integral role in the plot.

Molly works in the morgue at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London (she seems to be some kind of pathologist, but it's not very clear). Sherlock often employs her help during cases in order to gain access to bodies and evidence. From the beginning, it is clear that she has a crush on the man, causing her to be awkward and nervous around him. He picks up on this and sometimes uses it against her to get her to help him while other times acting indifferent and almost cruel to her. We see this dynamic shift drastically during the final episode of series two when Sherlock seems to realize Molly is important and that he needs her help.

During the two year gap between series two and three, Molly has "moved on" from her infatuation with Sherlock and is engaged to a man named Tom who she met through friends. He bears a strange resemblance to Sherlock, which everyone but her seems to notice and no one mentions, and throughout the three episodes it seems the couple goes from happily engaged, to broken up. No reason is given.

More noteworthy, during those two years, Molly seems to have grown into herself. She has gained more confidence, which is evident in the way she dresses and carries herself, to the way she talks to Sherlock. Her speech is no longer stuttered and awkward and she seems genuinely happy even though it does seem that she's still holding a small flame for a certain high-functioning sociopath. Aside from one rather terrible jab, Sherlock himself even seems to be treating her much kinder after what she did for him.

She was the one who no one thought mattered to Sherlock, but she was one of the only ones he trusted with his greatest secret.

[This is a roleplay account for the character of Molly Hooper from Sherlock. The show belongs to the BBC and Louise Brealey to herself. No infringement intended.

Muse and mun are both over 18.]
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